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The HTML del tag contains text that is supposed to be deleted from the document. It is useful when authors need to show which piece of content has been deleted during an update of the document.

The HTML <del> tag is used for markup of deleted text.

The <del> tag is supported in all major browsers.

Tip: Also look at the <ins> tag to markup inserted text.

Tip: Use <del> and <ins> to markup updates and modifications in a document. Browsers will normally strike a line through deleted text and underline inserted text.

Difference between HTML and XHTML:


Differences Between HTML 4.01 and HTML5:


Example :

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<p>Following text is deleted using <del>HTML del tag</del></p>

Following text is deleted using HTML del tag

Example 2:

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Currently, this document shows :


<del datetime="2006-01-05T13:00:00Z" cite="examples-adding-policy.html">1 example</del> <ins datetime="2006-01-05T13:00:00Z" cite="examples-adding-policy.html">2 examples</ins>.


Currently, this document shows :

1 example 2 examples.


Attribute Value Description
cite URL Defines a URL to another document which explains why the text was deleted.
datetime YYYYMMDD HH:MM:SS Defines the date and time the text was deleted

Standard Attributes:

Attribute Description
class Document wide identifier
dir Specifies the direction of the text
id Document wide identifier
title Specifies a title to associate with the element.
style Helps to include inline casecadubf style sheet.
lang Sets the language code.

Event Attributes:

Attribute Description
onclick Script runs when a mouse click
ondblclick Script runs when a mouse double-click
onmousedown Script runs when mouse button is pressed
onmouseup Script runs when mouse button is released
onmouseover Script runs when mouse pointer moves over an element
onmousemove Script runs when mouse pointer moves
onmouseout Script runs when mouse pointer moves out of an element
onkeypress Script runs when key is pressed and released
onkeydown Script runs when key is pressed
onkeyup Script runs when key is released
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